History ..


About three weeks ago, I  participated in the CAMSUR Marathon. I have yet to see the results – no PR for this one, just one of the LSDs you need to gain mileage.

The thing is – a lot of runners who participated in last year’s edition said that last year was better. Personally – i wish that they have lighted some of the roads like what they did with Milo. Luckily, i brought with me my other cel which comes with a LED flashlight. No hydration issues on this race.

Work  is hectic (as always) – not much on the weekday runs. Yep, I have gained weight (again). I hope to loose it over the next few weeks when I return to my usual mileage. Last Saturday i did 15K, 32k on Sunday and 19k last Thursday.  I wasn’t able to run this morning due to the weather – hopefully i’d be able to do a long run tomorrow.



The damage brought about by the typhoon was tremendous. I have other pictures of it but it is the same ones  you see in the news. This one (for me) stood out.


It stood out because it blocked my path,  hehehe

It stood out because it blocked my path,  hehehe



Lock Lace

I have always been a lock lace fan. However, due to financial reasons, i was forced to pursue other alternatives : my friend Isko provided me with a high quality shock cord – all that I needed to do was to find a stopper.


More details on this in another post.

Thanks to Jay for the CAMSUR photos.