According to Wikipedia,

Interval training is a type of discontinuous physical training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods may involve either complete rest or activity of lower intensity.

Interval training can refer to organization of any cardiovascular workout (e.g. cycling, running, rowing, etc.), and is prominent in many sports’ training. It is a technique particularly employed by runners, but athletes from several backgrounds have been known to use this type of training.

Last Sunday, I was able to attain my fastest training 10k pace.  You see, when I train, I don’t usually do tempo runs because I believe that the only time you should exert maximum effort is on race day.





I used to believe that the ideal training pace should be relaxed and effortless – that was until I was forced to train seriously last March for a corporate running event.

Interval training isn’t easy, and in fact I dreaded it .. my friend Isko (who acted as the team coach) would push us to our limits. There should be no excuses, well maybe if you are close to having a heart attack – so it is imperative that you should have yourself checked first by a doctor because this type of training is not meant for people with health problems.

It would even reach the point when me and my team mates would secretly curse him – not in his face tho coz he was way bigger than us and could easily beat the living daylights out of us, hehehe

As they say – no pain , no gain – it paid off. I have ran longer distances before but not a fast (by my standards) race day 10k.

In training,  you need to know what your objective is  : endurance, speed or just simply weight loss. If it is speed, then interval training is for you.





I got this one in the mail  last Thursday – I would be using it as part of my “training materials” :)