LSD, anyone ?


According to Wikipedia, “Long slow distance (LSD) is a form of aerobic endurance training in running and cycling. Physiological adaptations to LSD training include improved cardiovascular function, improved thermoregulatory function, improved mitochondrial energy production, increased oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle, and increased utilization of fat for fuel. Ernst van Aaken, a German physician and coach, is generally recognized as the founder of the long slow distance method of endurance training.”

The same article also mentions that “a typical 5k runner might consider 8 to 10 miles of LSD, while a marathoner might run 20 or more miles. LSD runs are typically done at an easy pace, 1–3 minutes per mile slower than a runner’s 10k pace.

I chose this topic because I have been running for a while now but haven’t actually realized how long should a run must be for it to be considered an LSD.

I remembered last year when having breakfast with ultra runner friends (I mean running friends who are way stronger than me) when comments were made about some people bragging in social media that they just did a long 15k run. They said that they just don’t get it , because 15k isn’t really that long.

In their opinion a long run should at least have a minimum distance of around 26 to 30km.

I would like to think that distance is relative to one’s fitness level – some may consider 15k long , some people may consider it short.

Whatever the distance maybe, as long as you are reasonably tired after it , then that maybe long enough for you.


Easy Loop

 We call this our “easy” loop – not because the terrain is easy (actually the terrain is more difficult) but because it is easier for us to stop and go home when we get tired since this is near where we live :)


Nice Tree



The first time I saw a Jacranda tree was when I joined the King of the Mountain trail marathon – the only one in Luzon. But down here , there are lots of them :)



Protecting your phone


I usually wrap my phone in a resealable plastic bag when running to waterproof it. However, it never occured to me that sometimes, the bags themselves get damaged, and yesterday after I took  the picture of the Jacaranda tree – I instinctively dropped my phone into the  bag without realizing that it had a big hole already and ended up dropping my phone.

So, for today’s afternoon run , I got a new bag and duct taped the lower portion. :)


Duct tape with resealable bag