Black Dog

Yesterday, I got this in the mail ….


Garmin Forerunner 310XT

I wasn’t supposed to buy it yet but it went on sale – and since my 405 is on its way to GPS heaven, well … I decided to treat myself. So this morning,  we tested it and ran a short and easy 22km run in my new favorite running path – from Meadowbank to Sydney Olympic park.

Sydney Olympic Park

Nothing really special about this run – it was just to test  the new GPS device. I also used my old heart rate monitor and paired it with the new watch.  It was warm this morning, it reminded me of the weather back home – I miss those moments when I could run long distances even on the weekdays.

New watch , old monitor.

It seems that my heart rate isn’t as high as I  expected it to be – which is a good sign. One of the advantages of this unit is that it has a large screen – you can see everything you want without waiting for the screen to refresh.

2012-10-20 Black Dog - Graph

My Soleus and my Garmin - I’ll probably post a review on this next time (when I have time, hehehe)

Running distances of 20km and above is exhilarating – it makes you realize that life is good – I don’t know if it’s the endorphins – or runner’s high or whatever you call it.



My friend Ian told me that it is called Sculling – something I would never have learned if I didn’t run today. See – running can be educational too :)


Keep on running fellas !