Battle of the bottles :)

Hydration is an important part of training.  So at any given point in your runs, you should have access to  your fluids. Carrying them with you is a must, but it should be done in a manner that would be convenient to you. So as far as water bottles go, I’d prefer the handheld ones on my regular runs and a bladder based system on the longer ones.

I have just been given an Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus water bottle and since it is new , I decided to  use it for my  last 4 short runs – the average distance of each run is around 23.5 kms.


Ultimate Direction


Ultimate Direction



While I was using it, I couldn’t help but compare it with my existing Amphipod Hydraform Handheld bottle – I use two versions: the 20 oz and the 12 oz. I know a lot about this has been previously posted on the web. So let me give you the short version:




•    They both can carry the same volume of fluids (20 oz)
•    They both have wide enough  “mouths” for  ice to fit in
•    The pouches that come with them can accommodate almost the same items (keys / phone / cash, etc)
•    Ultimate Direction has a big finger loop : you can attach it to a carabiner , just like you would do on Nalgene sports bottles.
•    Physically, I like the way Ultimate Direction looks like and also how it fits my hand, not to mention  how easy it is to adjust the strap; the thing is – I find it difficult to sip fluids from the nozzle and everytime I squeeze it, it doesn’t return to its original shape: I have to open the entire bottle for this.
•    With Amphipod, squeezing fluids out of the bottle is very easy.
•    So, as far as convenience and accessibility is concerned – I’d prefer Amphipod.

To conclude,  since I already have the new bottle, I might as well use it.  :)