Fall Back Into School Oct02


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Fall Back Into School

Since one has moved to another place like Sweden, one should prolly think there will be more place and time to take the runs there. Whether it be in the forest that surrounds mostly an entire city, or just through the city center where “cozy” buildings stand (sometimes a city centre would just have a two-story building as its tallest).

Of course, that was possible if only I did not have to spend five days of my waking hours preparing to go to school, which would end at 1430H or 1600H. When I get home, I need to study some more, continue my portfolio, clean our place, and prepare food.

My brother always said an ultramarathon, or a marathon for that matter, is 90% mental and 10% still mental. There is a race here every winter where you use walking sticks, called Vasaloppet during winter. The distance is 9 Swedish miles, where 1 mile is equivalent to 10 kilometers (normal kilometers haha). Maybe I will train for that instead.

As for now, the closest training I get is when I hit the gym if I got the time and the energy I spend walking to school.